As of the writing of this, I've just woken up from a very weird dream. I can only remember bits and pieces, and what I can remember is still hazy. I don't know if I was on drugs or if I was sleep deprivived when I was dreaming, but the dream was very odd nonetheless.

As far back as I can remember in the dream, I was a meth cook. This is actually a recurring dream, so I can't say it was odd for me to dream this. At one point or another, I tried cooking meth on my own stove and it exploded in my face. I lost track of what happened after that, but I remember "waking up" on a couch and beliving I was dead. I think I realized it was a dream, but I didn't realize it was just a regular dream as opposed to a before-death dream. This may have started sort of a semi-lucid dream which caused it to flip out. I'll try to update this when I remember more.

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