Throughout the years of rrrather, users have said some funny, stupid, and true things. That we can't resist to make them famous quotes for all to see.


"I ain't no snitch, your honour, but nigga, this innocent man is guilty.(TwerkinDolphin as a lawyer)


"I have Hash's picture as my screen saver, is that weird?"

"That's hella alright."


"llamas aint special, they sick my dick in the mountains no homo."


"humans naturally eat meat, cows eat grass, and fish give homeless men blowjobs."


"My balls are definitely winning the race against my dick."


"The hotness pulls you in, but their personality is what hooks you."


"That's the internet for you. It doesn't change people, it just magnifies who they already are."


"Have a sleepover, then be like SURPRISE and put it in."

"reported for being anon."


"Alex was feeling extra Hitlery so he banned me for life."

"My dick is harder than trying to wash eggnog out of a plastic cup."

"My friend prefers alcohol over weed. I prefer watching him clutch the toilet all night while I float in space."

"There's sooo much tension between hammy and hash I can feel it through my fucking computer screen."

"It's like neapolitan, jesus is the strawberry, God is chocolate, and the holy ghost is vanilla."

"Hammy the typa nigga that eat 2 gummy bears at the same time so they don't die alone."

"I wouldn't want to be raised as a Catholic. I'd prefer not to get molested by old preachers."

"I'm a lot gay sometimes."


"My grandma got me toothpaste"

- Heti123

"I think I'm pregnant again"


"Are gay people immortal?"


"I try to be nice, people just remind me that I hate them all."


"Boo-rad the typa nigga who grows his facial hair like the man who raped him when he was 7"


More to come soon ;)

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