"Most people believe in God, because everyone around them is believing in God too. And the bribe(heaven) and threat(hell) is also a good reason. Their love for God is not genuine, its for the sake of their afterlife." -Viktor6665[1]
"Is Earth really a planet? It looks a lot like my balls. Maybe its a huge testicle." -Viktor6665[1]

Viktor6665 13759 Ocean sunfish Mola mola
Account information
User# 47,691
Date Joined June 2nd 2015
Status active
Profile Page Viktor6665
User information
Gender male
Nationality Hungarian
Species victorious
Viktor6665 is a Hungarian user who loves Sunfish and admires beautiful woman. He also likes Kate Upton.

His Questions Edit

Viktor6665 usually post tournaments. His most recently tournament he have posted was "Hot Women Tournament". Here is a list of some recently tournaments he have done:

  • Hot Women Tournament
  • The Big Bang Theory Characters Tournament
  • Mystical Creatures Tournament
  • Tournament of Memes
  • European Countries Tournament

Viktor6665 has a few series called "Do you have an account?", "Conspiracy theories" and "Should it be a country?". You can find his series on his lists.

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